Mad Box Post Delivers an Elaborate Holiday Party for the Virginia Lottery

When the Barber Martin Agency sent the script out for the VA Lottery's 2015 Holiday spot, the team at Mad Box began salivating at the chance to put together such a wonderfully collaborative concept. Armed with a solid creative idea, directing duo and Mad Box Post owners, Whiskey Tongue (Matt West and Chris Allen Williams), dived immediately into fleshing out their treatment and creating the ultimate Holiday Party wish list.

With the help of production designer Tom Hohman, props and scenic master Melody Gulick and stylist Emily Hudspeth, they created a colorful and tasteful array of the classic holiday party, to the most tacky. Cinematographer Kunitaro Ohi lensed the shoot with the Arri Alexa Mini, capturing the sparkling performances of Ronnie Brown and Thomas Keagan. Spang TV, under the supervision of producer Jordan Rodericks and executive producer Melanie Cox, organized and lead the efforts of the army of creatives while the sound and music masters at Red Amp Audio created the musical score that moves us through each party seamlessly. 

The Mad Box post production team was led by producer Macy West, while Justin Tolley handled the editorial work with editorial assistance from Logan Threlkeld. Graphics and VFX work was executed by Charles Bevan. The final color and finishing went through the hands of colorist Matt West.


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