MadBox Puts Evans Drums in 8K

This fall MadBox and DC Camera teamed up to acquire some footage and build a workflow for the new RED Helium 8K Cinema Camera. Director Matt West and DP Kuni Ohi shot the performance spot on location at Red Amp Audio in Richmond, Virginia. They filmed the performances live in the audio studio's music tracking room while being recorded by engineer Andrew Uvarov for the future mix for the spot.

Filmed in 8k using Cooke S4 and Leica Simmicron-C lenses, the final post was brought into Da Vinci Resolve for best light dailies and cut the 4K proxy files in Adobe Premiere so that any resizing could be done in the offline edit. Once the edit was locked, the final 8K source footage was color graded and mastered in 4K for distribution. Red Amp principal Jody Boyd masterfully handled the final audio mix and audio master. He and director Matt West also served as the wonderful drum performers.

Special thanks to Evan Luzi and DC Camera for teaming up on this fun project for a great company.

Below is an additional behind the scenes review of the new Helium 8K camera.

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