Mad Box Brings NAM Roadshow Across the Country

For the second year, Mad Box's Justin Tolley collaborated with Poolhouse to cut an epic, hyper-fast trailer to kick off the National Association of Manufacturer's national roadshow. In the final stretch the client requested an entire revamp from the previous year's type treatment. They wanted it part of the action and locked into the scenes. Producer Macy West assembled the entire team that morning and sent them all out with the order of rotoscoping, motion tracking, designing, and building an entire type treatment that would "live" within the shots and had to deliver by close of business that same day. The team cranked tirelessly, sweat over gallons of coffee and stacks of Jimmy John's sandwiches, and uploaded the final commercial before the sun went down.

Editor: Justin Tolley
Post Producer: Macy West
Type and Animation: Charles Bevan, Rick Plautz, Autumn Dea, Matt West, Logan Threlkeld & Aarica North
Agency: Poolhouse
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