For Your Consideration

Most of our clients know Rick Plautz as an animator and editor, but we also know him as a talented art director and director. Rick conceived of this tribute, to both the forgotten films of 2016 and the art of film, a few short weeks ago. He quickly took the helm and headed to the motion capture stage with dancers Shannon Comerford and Desmin Taylor of the RVA Dance Collective.

The entire Mad Box team pitched in to get this polished up for tonight's show, but below are the specific credits.

Director: Rick Plautz
Editors: Aarica North (Dance sequence), Matt West (Project montage)
3D Modeling: Rick Plautz
Animation: Rick Plautz
Mo Cap Director: Rick Plautz
Dancers: Shannon Comerford & Desmin Taylor
Dance Choreographer: Jess Burgess

About RVA Dance Collective:

RVA Dance Collective sprung from the creative collaboration between artistic directors Jess Burgess and Danica Kalemdaroglu in 2007. Formed under the assumption that great art cannot survive or thrive without the spirit of collaboration, RVA Dance Collective's artistic goal is the union of all forms of art in the Central Virginia area. RVA Dance Collective works tirelessly to bridge the gap between artists of all mediums in the city of Richmond and the company has worked with visual artists, film artists, musicians, photographers and theatre artists in the spirit of finding absolute creativity. Burgess is also the Artistic & Executive Director at Dogtown Dance Theatre. RVA Dance Collective operates as the company in residence at this historic Manchester arts building. She is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of the organization, and for major decisions about the ongoing development of the aesthetic values and activities. 

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