My Darling Fury and Mad Box Bring You Music Video for "AOK"

AOK is the final track on the “Aches” EP, which is the first of three installments for My Darling Fury's upcoming sophomore album, “AOK”. Combining organic and electronic elements, the track shifts between spastic verses and dreamy, fluttery choruses. The band knew they wanted the visuals to complement that duality. MDF reached out to London based DP, Rhys Davies who proposed the concept of having two skateboarders casually skating throughout a city, one who’s dead and the other who doesn’t know it. The footage was shot in Birmingham, UK, and it features two local skateboarders they found by searching skateboarding hashtags on Instagram.

From there, the footage arrived at Mad Box with just the basic treatment. Mad Box editor Autumn Dea took the lead and conceived of the idea of some sort of visual cue within the footage that would represent the music and the fact that one of the characters had passed. After a solid edit, she had to have surgery, and editor Justin Tolley finished it out. Mad Box creative director and owner, Matt West, had designed the idea of the shattered particles as the visual element, and then passed that direction to Charles Bevan to bring it to life.

"So it’s pretty amazing that the Mad Box team was able to use that footage and see something that no one else imagined. In the end we have something that combines that spastic, dreamy duality, but also adds this incredible magic that we weren’t expecting.” - MDF

Editor: Autumn Dea & Justin Tolley
Animation and Effects: Charles Bevan
Colorist: Matt West
Post Producer: Macy West
DP: Rhys Davies
Music by My Darling Fury

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