Matt West puts the color finish on Corrinn's Freshman Music Video

Ambition, attention to detail and a love of snowboarding brought Corrinn, literally 4,000 feet up the mountain top, in his cinematic debut of “Don’t Fall.” It’s hard not to when visuals are crisp, views breathtaking, it’s stamped with a hard-hitting baseline and wrapped in an attractive melody. The video was directed by ascending music video director Abe Moron and lensed by longtime Mad Box collaborator Kunitaro Ohi. Kunitaro and Director/Colorist Matt West have been making gorgeous motion pictures together for over a decade.

With beginnings in Louisa Co., VA, the Corrinn writes music with multi-dimensional appeal, placing a refreshing wintery twist on his lovers’ quarrel. After a year of straight grinding to perfect his freshman project, Corrinn has managed to; shoot his first video, get 4 of his earliest songs on top VA airwaves, perform his choreographed show live at two of VA Beach’s most famous venues (Peabody’s Night Club & Veterans Home Loans Amphitheater), and finesse looks from major label execs .

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