Charles Bevan Gives Us a Lesson on Sailing

Wray Ward enlisted the collaboration of MadBox to bring a unique instructional video to their award winning branded content project "Uncharted Waters". The project is a feature length documentary, brought to you by Sunbrella, that will be released in the summer of 2016. The film's director Aaron Putnam worked with Wray Ward designer Griffin Glaze on the concept, then handed the reigns over to the MadBox's Charles Bevan and the Red Amp audio team to bring it to life.

Learn all about the US Sailing team and "Uncharted Waters" here.

Edited and Motion Graphics Animation by Charles Bevan
Executive Producer: Macy West
Audio Post: Red Amp Audio
Sound Editor and Mixer: Jody Boyd
Director: Aaron Putnam
Art Director: Griffen Glaze
Agency: Wray Ward
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