The Barber Martin Agency Awards MadBox the new Virginia Lottery Scratcher Campaign

MadBox and Barber Martin teamed up to for a week long shoot for the latest TV and multimedia campaign for the Virginia Lottery. The campaign was directed by Matt West and Chris Allen Williams (directing duo Whiskey Tongue) who's previous work for the Lottery brought last years "Holiday Party" TV spots and this past spring's "Extra Chances" slow motion comedy spots. Matt and Chris were a perfect match for the four new spots due to the team's experience in cinematic and comedic stylings. Each of the spots required their own visual style, comedic pacing, and look.

Pre-production started over a month before the shoot and was led by MadBox executive producer Macy West. The production team sourced four different Virginia based casting directors in order to locate the perfect talent for the roles in a casting process that spanned nine days. The selected cast was a showcase of exceptional talent provided by Modelogic and Carlyn Davis Casting. Joseph Callendar took on the responsibility of Brooks, Joseph Grey stepped into the dapper Mr. Williams role, and Eleanor Drew became the lovely and comedic Mrs. Williams. Amy Hard stayed in control as the mysterious Woman and Ashley Ward lit up the convenience store scene portraying Mrs. Williams’ Friend.

The primary location for production was Dover Hall Estate; a multi-million dollar estate located in the rolling hills of Manakin Sabot, Virginia. Over the course of 3 days, Dover Hall transformed in to a "high roller" hotel that served as Brooks' base of operations. He was charged with the important task of revealing the elite lottery scratchers with the largest prize in the 28 year history of the Virginia Lottery. The location became affectionately dubbed "Camp Dover" by the crew due to the long days and good old-fashioned movie making fun that was had over the week.

The man behind the lens of the campaign was DP and long time MadBox collaborator Kunitaro Ohi. With his shared vision and the expertise of gaffer Shane Guild, key grip Mike Flinn, and art director Andrew Carnwath, the team brought to life the directors’ and agency’s desired cinematic look. A greater portion of the spots were shot using the Arri Alexa Mini with Kona Anamorphic lenses. The final scenes of the "Mr. Williams" and "Mrs. Williams” spots needed to portray an abrupt snap back to a “real world” setting, so the choice was made to switch to a more common Cooke spherical lenses to help distinguish the difference in texture between the two environments. 

Last, but certainly not least, the amazing crew was made up of some of Central Virginia's best craftspeople, all of whom came together under the MadBox banner with excitement and open arms. MadBox’s key to a successful production and a creative process is to always have fun while staying on task. Without a doubt, the crew provided just as much fun and laughs as they did perfect execution and hard work. Come wrap time late Friday night on the final shoot day, as everyone exited the exquisite Dover Hall, there was a shared sentiment to return the next day and continue filming. It was obvious that Camp Dover would be a fun lasting memory…until next time, of course.


Directed by Matt West and Chris Allen Williams
Director of photography Kunitaro Ohi
Production company MadBox
Executive Producer Macy West
production coordinator Christina Garnett
1st AD Gigi Curtin

1st AC Evan Luzi
DIT Damon Melendes
2nd AC Caleb Jackson
Steadicam Camera Operator Shiela Smith

Gaffer Shane Guild
Best Boy Electric Eric Wakefield-Thompson
Electric Patrick McLynn

Key Grip Mike Flinn
Best Boy Kevin Gallagher
Grip Gordon Whiteway
Crane Operator Charlie Harris
Crane Tech Sid Caldwell Deaghlan
Swing Sean Engel

Art Director Andrew Carnwath
Assistant Art Director Terry Wolfe
Props Master Steven Harris
Art PA Ben Hill

Head Stylist Cecelia Clark
Stylist Sarah Sharp
Stylist Naomi Jackson
Stylist Jessica Clark
Stylist Kate Marlette
Stylist Cate Latham
Food Stylist Debi Shawcross

Script Supervisor Rachel Kleinman Atkinson
Sound Mixer Andrew Uvarov
Boom Op Jake Meeks
Craft Services Jane Bell
Location Manager Isaac Regelson
Driver Bobby Jones
Key Set PA Leahmarie Gottlieb
PA's Evan Ward, Grant Fanning
Casting by Modelogic, Carlyn Davis Casting, Hutson Talent Agency and Liquid talent and

Post production provided by MadBox and Red Amp Audio
editing by Autumn Dea
Graphics by Charles Bevan
Assistant editors Logan Ramón Threlkeld and Aarica North
Finishing by Matt West
Original Score by Jody Boyd
Sound design and mix Jody Boyd
Post producer Macy West

Agency Barber Martin Ageny
EVP/Director Greg Simos
Chief Creative Office Deb Hagan
Associate Creative Director Sarah Duke
Writer Lauren Barrett
Account Director Leigh Nance
Account Executive Michael Foster
Project Manager Michelle Slemmer
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