MadBox puts UNC in the Most Unlikely Places.

Capstrat enlisted MadBox for help on their latest national spot for the University of North Carolina. The project evolved from using all stock footage to a mix of UNC provided footage and footage captured by MadBox's production team. MadBox partnered with the in house team at Capstrat who completed the offline edit. Once the picture was locked, our very own Charles Bevan went to work on the visual effects.

His first task was to create a "photo real" model of the famous UNC Well. This model will also be used in print and web advertising, so the attention to detail and a true photo real representation was of upmost importance. Charles spent a day on site at UNC to capture reference images for size, texturing and lighting. Once the model was complete and approved by UNC, Charles went to work with tracking and placing the well into the final spot.

edited by: Autumn Dea and Capstrat
motion graphics: Charles Bevan
3D modeling: Charles Bevan
compositing and VFX: Charles Bevan
director of photography: David Muessig
executive producer: Macy West
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