Matt West Directs spot for Mod & Soul

MadBox is located at 9 West Grace St. and this corridor of Richmond is booming. Fun, retail shops are popping up all over the place alongside impressive locally owned restaurants and we really love this neighborhood that we call ‘home.’ MadBox director, Matt West and Executive Producer, Macy West thought there was no better way to help support this growth than to shoot a spot for a local neighbor! Enter Mod & Soul. 

Director: Matt West

Executive Producer: Macy West

DP: Kuni Ohi

AC: Evan Luzi

Crew: MadBox! It’s really fun to mix things up and get our editors and motion graphics artists out on location! 

Makeup: Phawn Lane

Hair: Kelsea Dayberry

Stylist: Jasmina Zulic (Owner, Mod & Soul)

Talent: Lily Tyson

Editor: Justin Tolley

Color: Matt West

Original Composition: Jody Boyd, Red Amp Audio

Sound Design: Andrew Uvarov, Red Amp Audio

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