McDonalds 2

What people are saying

"The Return of McD’s Hamburglar – The Way It SHOULD Have been Done."
"Top five McD Commercial ever made" -McD Truth
"Whiskey Tongue has put together this ad. It's exciting, gritty, fun and totally gorgeous to look at."  -Little Black Book Online
"Born under a bad sign, the OG Hamburglar is nothing like the new hipster Hamburglar you've seen parading around in the press with his George Michael stubble and high top red sneakers." -Adland
"The Original Hamburglar is back in this gritty fan film" -Fast Company
"Here's What a McDonald's Television Ad Should Look Like" -The Street
"McDonald’s unleashed its strange, new, Halloween costume-attired Hamburglar in a series of ads over the past week–and today we meet his antithesis in the form of the OG Hamburglar.” -AgencySpy
"If you're underwhelmed by the new Hamburglar's antics so far—and are pining for the original criminal himself—you're in luck, thanks to a spec campaign from Whiskey Tongue." -Adweek
"I mean if you are going to bring back the Hamburglar, bring back the Hamburglar. Kudos." -Ernie Schenck
"An ad like the one from Whiskey Tongue takes people back to the time when McDonald's food was hot, fresh and, believe it or not, in demand."  -The Street
"With a muscle car, some Radar Love and the best non-creepy contemporary version of Ronald McDonald I’ve yet seen"                 
"But hey, hot Hamburglar may have to watch his back for more than just his wife and screaming fangirls, because apparently the “OG” Hamburglar is on his trail and ready for some savory, burger-flavored revenge."  -USA Today
"Watch Out, New Hamburglar, Old Hamburglar Is Out of Jail and on the Road Again"                -Adweek
"McDonald's, which spends over a $1 billion a year in marketing, would be smart to consider working with Whiskey Tongue on additional episodes." -The Street